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Peace, Passion, Perfection: Bali & Singapore

Surf, Serenity and Singapore Slings
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“Bali is one of the world’s great romance capitals, with white-sand beaches, crystalline waters, electric green rice paddies, and lush jungles.  Balinese hoteliers understand that unique touches can make a blissful experience transcendent: a basket of fruit decorated with flowers waiting in your villa; a private dinner overlooking the water as a server waits on you attentively, yet discreetly.  It is an island of daily spiritual activity, where every morning local men and women carry fruit and flowers to a temple or sanctuary for blessings from the gods.  The island is almost always celebrating something; plan your trip around a full or new moon, and you will witness particularly inspiring ceremonies.  But do take care when booking in March:  This is the season for their ‘silent holiday,’ Nyepi, which happens several days during the month.  It is widely observed, and during this time, restaurant and hotel staff will not perform any outdoor activities.  ” (Places for Passion)

Meet your Travel & Romance Concierges

Cooper Schwartz

Cooper has been traveling the world for 20+ years and has accumulated a wide network of fellow professionals and hoteliers who want to make your romantic trip a total success. He is best known for providing couples with unforgettable romantic experiences, designed just for them, in fabulous locations all over the world.

Pepper Schwartz

Pepper has been a sex and relationship expert for over 40 years and has written 16 books on the topics of sex, love and relationships. Pepper’s other love is travel, and when she is not teaching Sociology at the University of Washington she can be found investigating perfect places for passion around the world.

Rida Maqbool

Rida is a 21 year old Pakistani, raised in Islamabad, who was bitten by the travel bug when she went on a volunteer program to Bahrain, in the summer of 2016. That’s when it struck her that she wants to keep on travelling. She graduated in January 2017 and moved to Cairo for a job and to follow her dream to travel.

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